Historical Hopi Homes

The HTHA has a variety of different programs to serve the Hopi Tribe. To get started, please fill out the following application form:
HTHA Applicant Questionnaire

If you are applying for tax credit housing, please also fill out and return the following form:
Tax Credit Questionnaire

Please mail completed forms to


P.O. BOX 906

Polacca, AZ 86042

or fax them to 928-737-9270.

Mutual Help

One of 35 units built in 1991 from Upper Moenkopi to Polacca

Mutual Help is a Housing Program with an Occupancy Agreement which a participant enters into an Annual Contribution Contract (ACC) giving the participant an opportunity to achieve ownership of the home in return for fulfilling his/her obligations to make contribution to provide all maintenance of the home. This program was subsidized by the federal government and was under the 1937 Housing Act.

Homeownership Program

NAHASDA housing Built in 2010

The Homeownership Program is a lease Agreement with the option to Purchase. This
program is under the Native America Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act of 1996
(NAHASDA) Under this Agreement, the HTHA gives the Participant an opportunity to achieve
ownership of a home upon satisfaction of all obligations and provides all maintenance of the

Low Rental Units

Winslow Low Rent Housing

Low Rental Units is a month to month rental Lease Agreement. The HTHA will provide
and maintain a safe and healthy environment for the units located in Winslow, AZ. The
maintenance of the units will be performed in compliance with applicable quality standards
by the HTHA Maintenance Department.

Tax Credit Rental

Tax credit rental is on a month to month Rental Lease Agreement. The State of Arizona Department of Housing (ADOH) has the over site on compliance with the Partnership and HTHA in reporting to the State and IRS annually.

All the Housing Programs are for Low Income Families that are eligible for the housing programs and is under NAHASDA, HUD Income Guideline Limits, State or County of Arizona.

The HTHA provides Community Outreach thru; Housing Fair, reports to the Hopi Tribal Council, IHP/APR for the public to review and comment annually, presentations to the 12 villages, Tribal Programs at meetings or upon request and for to the HTHA clientele.



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